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Below is a general description only. Details of coverage and terms and exclusions must be referred to the policy document. If you would like to understand more, please call us at (852) 3768 9288 and we are glad to answer your enquiries.

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    Car Plus Insurance

    According to the (( Motor Vehicles Insurance (Third Party Risks) Ordinance )) (Cap.272, Laws of Hong Kong), a valid insurance policy in respect of liability for third party risk caused by or arising out of the use of the motor vehicle on a road in compliance with the requirements of such Ordinance must be maintained.  Failing to do so is an offence against the law. Having Motor Vehicle Insurance coverage is not only a legal requirement, but it also provides protection against any accidental damage caused to your beloved car.

    Third Party Risks Insurance

    This protects the car owner’s or the driver’s liability while using the car. It covers third party’s bodily injury, loss of life or property damage. The maximum compensation from this type of policy is HK$100,000,000 for third party’s bodily injury or loss of life, and up to HK$2,000,000 for property damage.

    Comprehensive Insurance

    This is the most complete insurance plan for car owners and drivers. This Plan not only includes all the above protection, but also provides

    – Coverage for damage to the insured motor vehicle in the event of a crash, fire, theft or other forms of accident.

    – Coverage for medical expenses of up to HK$2,000 for any injury of the policy holder, driver or passengers of the insured motor vehicle due to an accident.

    The Most Reliable Insurance Services & Comprehensive Protection with Greater Benefits

    – Auto Assist 24-Hour Hotline Service*

    – No Claim Discount Protection*

    – FREE Personal Accident Insurance for One Year*

    – More Savings on Premiums

    – Unlimited FREE Windscreen & Car Window Cover*

    – New for Old Vehicle Replacement without Depreciation*

    * Exclusive services and benefits for comprehensive insurance policy holder

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    Fire Insurance

    “Fire Insurance” is a kind of property insurance. According to the past statistics, the annual loss in household contents, industrial or commercial equipment, raw material or stock-in-trade due to fire was incredibly substantial. To indemnify you against any financial loss caused by fire, our Fire Insurance offers comprehensive coverage tailored to suit your needs, the coverage is as follows:

    – Damage caused by fire

    – Damage caused by fire from your neighbor

    – Damage caused by thunder and lightning

    – Damage caused by explosion of boilers for domestic purposes

    – Damage caused by water from extinguishing of fire or other loss

    Besides the above basic cover, the insurance can be extended to cover the following perils:

    – Explosion

    – Spontaneous Combustion

    – Bush Fire

    – Earthquake

    – Typhoon

    – Riot & Strike

    – Malicious Damage

    – Crashed by Aircraft

    – Impact By Road Vehicle

    – Sprinkler Leakage

    – Water Tanks, Apparatus & Pipes

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    Marine Insurance

    We have three types of marine insurance under this category:
    – Marine Cargo Insurance covers physical loss of or damage to the goods whilst being transported from one place to another by sea, air, land including rail and road.
    – Pleasure Craft Insurance offers protection to yacht owners against third party liability as required by law in Hong Kong. This insurance also provides coverage for loss of or damage to the yacht.
    – Marine Hull Insurance covers physical loss of or damage to a merchant vessel or its machinery and equipment, includes collision liability and the associated claims expenses.

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    Office Plus Insurance

    “Office Plus Insurance” provides you with an all-in-one insurance solution covering office contents, business interruption, money, personal accident and public liability. An optional rider of Employees’ Compensation Protection is available, offering even more comprehensive insurance coverage.

    Office Contents:

    –     protect all office contents against “All Risks of Loss”

    Additional Rents & Expenses:

    –     provide cover for additional expenses incurred after an insured loss

    Money & Assault:

    –     protect your money & accidental death or disablement to employees as a result of assault in the course of duty (Free with Office Content Section)

    Employees’ Compensation:

    –     cover liability under the Ordinance for bodily injury to employees

    Third Party Liability:

    –     cover legal liability for bodily injury and/or property damage to Third Party (Free with Employees’ Compensation Section, up to HK$5 million)

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    Retail Plus Insurance

    “Retail Plus Insurance” is a comprehensive insurance package with high protection for retailers. It can be tailor-made to suit your requirement. With the full-range “All Risks” protection you can concentrate on your business with peace of mind.

    “Retail Plus Insurance” consists of the following sections:

    – Property All Risks (Basic Cover)

    – Business Interruption (Free with Section 1)

    – Money (Free with Section1)

    – Employees’ Compensation (Optional)

    – Third Party Legal Liability (Free with Section 4)

    – Personal Accident (Free with Section 4)

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    Public Liability Insurance

    “Public Liability Insurance” covers the risk management concept which is vital to all business. Any negligence of person-in-charge of shop, property management office, construction company, factory or office causing third party bodily injury or property damage may lead you to substantial compensation to the victims. Chong Hing Insurance “Public Liability Insurance” is a comprehensive coverage to protect you against the third parties liability and hence you can concentrate on your business operation.

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    Money Insurance

    In the event of burglary or robbery, you will suffer monetary losses and damages to your properties (e.g. Safes, safe deposit box and strong room, etc.). “Money Insurance” provides comprehensive protection against monetary losses. The cover usually applies to:

    – Money in insured premises during business hours

    – Money in locked drawer, safe or cash register after business hours

    – Money in transit

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    Property All Risk Insurance

    Your company is an ongoing business, so a comprehensive coverage of your operations and premises is a necessity. To meet your needs, we have an extensive range of insurance products to cover any external damage to or physical loss of your property and business utensils.

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    Buglary Insurance

    “Burglary Insurance” protects the property insured against loss or damage as a result of actual forcible and violent entry to the insured premises by theft. Your stock in trade and machinery, raw material or office equipment may be the targets of theft or robbery. Chong Hing Insurance “Burglary Insurance” indemnifies your valuable properties against any loss or damage due to forcible entry to your premises, apparent destruction and burglary or intended burglary. The coverage is as follows:

    – Housebreaking

    – Burglary upon Actual Forcible and Violent Entry

    – Robbery or Armed Robbery

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    Product Liability Insurance

    Product Liability is specifically designed for product manufacturers, vendors, suppliers and exporter. The policy protects the client’s legal liability against bodily injury or property damage to a third party (users of the product under most circumstances) arising from or in connection with Real or Alleged defects in design, manufacturing, quality control, labeling (including its packaging).

    Tips for buying insurance:

    – Many vendors are unaware that the products they distribute expose them to litigation. However, even vendors need to ensure they are protected from such liability exposure.

    – Finished goods manufacturers may face liability claims arising out of the component or OEM parts they are sourcing.